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Real estate is the safest investment in the world when paid for in cash. Your money is secured against an asset, land. As they say, they are not making any more. It is a way to build wealth for your future. It has the potential for long term appreciation as well as reliable income, all whilst being safe and secure. Combine all that with the tax advantages of investing with your retirement account then like many of our clients have said, “We wished we had invested earlier.”


You may choose to purchase a residence as part of one of our hotels and enjoy resort style living with no worries no hassles ownership. When you are not using your residence the rental income will help cover your costs make and make a little money. Or you may wish to become a shareholder in KASA Investment Fund and enjoy greater returns with a diversified portfolio of luxury beach front hotels throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

Minimum Share Purchase

$50,000 USD

12% - 15% + Principal 100% secured


Caribbean, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica & Hawaii



No debt, no liens and no encumbrances


Use hotels at cost


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(ZERO Tax Consequences)

“Our clients love the fact that they can have a retirement income deposited to their IRA account each quarter. Not to mention an amazing place to vacation with friends and family!”

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KASA Investment Fund was designed to provide its shareholders with consistent returns that they can rely on for their retirement, an appreciating asset and the assurance of a secure investment in real estate that has no debts, liens or encumbrances. Making it one of the safest investments that you can choose for your retirement.


Diversification is key to a successful financial strategy and KASA Investment Fund delivers 3 fold:

  1. Shareholders are diversified from the volatility of the stock market

  2. Diversified into beach front real estate throughout Caribbean, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Hawaii

  3. Diversified into a portfolio of $50 MM of luxury beach front hotels


Shareholders investment capital is secured against all assets owned by the FUND which includes any and all real estate, equipment, and hotel operations. The FUND will be purchasing premium real estate paid for in cash, free and clear of any debts, liens or encumbrances, in up-and-coming markets.

  1. By purchasing raw land and developing a hotel, the hotel is worth 30% to 50% more in equity value once opened.

  2. Furthermore, since we are purchasing premium beach front real estate in up-and-coming locations, the properties will increase in appreciation each year.

  3. The assets of the FUND are worth much more than just the real estate since we will have luxury hotels operating and generating profits. A typical valuation is 2-5 the assets.

By taking just 30% equity value and 10% appreciation each year, the FUND’s real estate value will be over $140 million USD in 10 years with zero debt.

By taking just 30% equity value and 10% appreciation each year, the FUND’s real estate value will be over $140 million USD in 10 years with zero debt.


This business model of annual revenue for one of our hotels is based upon 30 rooms, with increasing Average Daily Rates [ADR] and Occupancy [OCC] over the course of four years.

Hotel industry averages tell us that it takes three years to properly position a hotel, understand the market, and drive maximum revenues.

The revenue is made up of three departments: Room Revenue, Food & Beverage, and Spa Revenue.

This model also accounts for the fact that we would open with ADR of $275 and increase this each year. Occupancy for our hotels should start at 60% and increase over time to 75%.

Revenue from a 30 room hotel with ADR $275 and increasing OCC from 60% - 75%

Revenue from a 30 room hotel with ADR $275 and increasing OCC from 60% - 75%


Shareholders will receive their share of the profits in the form of distributions of 12% — 15%+ per annum paid quarterly. The hotels will be in different markets and different countries to diversify the portfolio.

The value of the fund will increase over time and although the FUND has been designed to generate income for its shareholders it would bee open to offers or going public.

We estimate ROI to be 12% - 15%, below the actual ROI of 15% - 20%

We estimate ROI to be 12% - 15%, below the actual ROI of 15% - 20%


All SHAREHOLDERS will have all the same benefits as any OWNER of a luxury hotel.

If Shareholders wish, they can keep some of their disbursement money and use it as a credit for the restaurants, bars, spa, or tours.


* All benefits are subject to availability and not during black out periods of local peak holiday times

* SHAREHOLDERS benefits apply to all KASA hotels

  • Top VIP Status during stay
  • Invited to all Social Event at the hotel during stay
  • Stay at cost at any hotel owned by THE FUND
  • 40% Off Rack Rate at other KASA hotels
  • 20% Off Restaurant and Bar at any KASA hotel
  • Room Welcome Amenities
  • Free Upgrade when available
  • 10% off Tours & Activities
  • Ground Transportation at cost
  • Free Access to Kids Club
  • Free Access to the GYM
  • Spa Discount all services and treatments 20%
  • Free Access to Hydrotherapy Circuit at the SPA
“KASA’s investors have been very pleased with their return on investment, which combines monthly cash flow and appreciation.”

Andrew Schisler - VP Business Development

Learn more about investing with us

Contact us & download our FREE INVESTMENT FUND prospectus for more info.

Learn more about investing with us


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