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Joel P.

From Fort Myers, Florida

"I was looking for an investment opportunity that involves tangible assets, is minimally correlated to the ups and down of the market and provides regular cash flow”.

"The fact that as an investor I get the opportunity to enjoy the beachfront hotels at a cost is the icing on the cake".

Anthoni S.

From New York

"I came across the Kasa Hotel Collection and knew immediately that this was a real estate investment that we would be interested in joining from the ground up”.

"Andrew Schisler, was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the goals and vision for the company future plans, which made us very comfortable".

Courtney E.

From Memphis, TN

"I was so happy to come across the KASA Investment Fund. One of my life long dreams is to build a commercial real estate development of my own… so excited to be an investor".

"Once we get through these trying times with COVID-19, I know that people are going to be eager to travel to more spacious, private and luxurious places such as KASA".

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Jermaine C

From New York

"After speaking with Andrew Schisler, I felt confident that the KASA Hotel Investment Fund was the best option. Communication with the team has been great and I feel comfortable that my investment expectations will be met!"

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Ron S.

From Arizona

"The fund presents a safe long-term opportunity to invest in multiple upper end vacation hotel properties which traditionally are unavailable to smaller individual investors".

"I recommend anyone considering investment in this genre to consider the upside of the KASA Investment Fund".

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Aaron L.

From Texas

"The diversity the KASA Fund provides, along with the larger projects the company is pursuing, are all very attractive. I like the idea that my investment would still be backed by the real estate itself, but also that there would be diversification among several properties, as the Fund continues to finance more hotels".

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From Long Island, NY

"I recommend anyone considering investment in this genre to consider the upside of the KASA Investment Fund. Recent turmoil in the stock market really highlighted the value of investment diversification".

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Tim S.

From California

"I found the KASA Hotel Investment Fund, which gives me the ownership I’m looking for, but in an even more desirable diversified portfolio of properties. I’m excited to see how the hotel projects progress!"

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